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JD Burt Company
  J.D. Burt Company, Inc. FHA Multifamily Mortgage Broker - Agent in selecting and negotiating with the FHA Mortgagee that will process your loan through HUD. As brokers of FHA project loans for over 25 years, we have worked with over 100 different mortgage companies.   We designed and maintain this web site.
The Elect Biff for Sheriff Campaign
  Biff Lagan for Sheriff - Paid Political Advertisement Paid for and approved by the Biff Lagan for Sheriff Campaign (Republican) Local Office campaign.  We designed and now that the campaign is over, we no longer maintain this web site.
Naples Travel Company
Naples Ski Club

  Naples Travel Company - A full service Travel Agency. The Web site is now part of a network of travel agencies. This was their first web site.  We no longer maintain this web site. 
First Tee
  A personal web site for a golfing association in North Carolina, that run local golf tournaments. We do not maintain this web site.
Confidence Builders
  Confidence Builders, Inc., was originally formed and licensed as the custom home division of Oyster Bay Homes.  Oyster Bay Homes, Inc., was founded in 1982 by Ray Scalero. A few years later he was joined by his brother-in-law Al Rodino. Together they established Oyster Bay Homes as the largest locally based builder in Lee County, having built over 1,500 homes.   We designed this web site.
BJ Barone
  B.J. Barone, Realtor, Director of Marketing for Confidence Builders. -  We designed but no longer maintain this web site.
 Florida Real Estate Exchange
Florida Real Estate Exchange Connection, Inc. - Providing Comprehensive Intermediary Services for Tax-Deferred Real Estate Investment. We designed and maintain this web site
Professor P Mix
PrecisionMix™ is a software based Electronic 2 or 3 Component Paint Proportioner, manufactured by GRACO, Inc., of Minneapolis, Minnesota. Mr. Rosen has taken the Training Program into the field, presenting training seminars to Industry in their own facilities, utilizing training manuals written by Mr. Rosen and presented in detail in a classroom setting, as well as a hands-on session at their own machines.  We designed and maintain this web site.
Chris DZ
Facts About The Candidate
My current position is Communications Chair. 
During negotiations I was one of three principals in the " Strike Headquarters" better known as CCC.

We designed this website.

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